Almohtaseb Accounting Program:

Our company is the exclusive official agent of AlMuhtaseb Software Company in Istanbul, Turkey.
The program was created to meet the needs of the market, which coincides with the development and expansion in the field of software and computer technologies to serve companies and institutions of all kinds and meet the requirements of customers, where the program is flexible and easy to use in order to meet the requirements of the market and since the balance of any business is profit and loss and not This balance must be set through accurate and accurate financial accounting. Therefore, when developing the systems and software, the accounting principles and principles were followed in an academic way to ensure that the accounting results are accurate and standard for the accounting methods applied in the region. The team of accountants with experience in accounting work in a number of economic sectors, which provided the ability to understand the market need for the requirements of accounting systems and this team always seeks to study the development steps commensurate with the development of customer requirements, where the program Almotseb excellence in performance through the team A specialized, integrated and experienced work in all stages of the work either in the development stages of the program or in the after-sales service through the technical support department in the company or through our authorized agents, to provide practical solutions and integrated to ensure ease of work and inclusiveness for our customers and is the basis of work in any company seeking to achieve S speed and accuracy in performance.


• It is easy and flexible to use

• Compatible with all Windows systems

• Works on Microsoft SQL Server database

• Activating the work on networks to transfer data quickly and accurately

• Supports import and export mechanism to Excel

• The possibility of creating the accounting guide and the directory of the items according to each establishment

• The possibility of merging accounting and database reports into several branches in one report

• Ease of barcode operation and control the design of labels

• Full system design for printing reports based on customer's desire

• The ease of dealing in currencies and the possibility of changing the prices of items automatically according to the exchange rate change

• Report The financial statements and final accounts appear in a parallel currency

• Ability to set default accounts for each user

• Control and determine the powers of each user according to the nature of his work