About Us:

“Horizon Business Solutions” Limited Company established on 10-11-2018 and registered in Turkish Ministry of Trade with Mersis No. “0463097359800001”; To be a partner and an effective tool for serve a commercial, industrial and service companies in IT solutions, web and E-marketing solutions and accounting, and financial consulting solutions; To be a pioneers in serving our customers, their business and their interests by offering our experience spanning from 2009, our team, and our successful partnerships.

In addition to our plans to develop our business in entering the e-commerce sector, the industrial sector, and industrial services.

Our vision:

To be the partner and the main tool for small and medium companies, and personal business owners in Turkey and the Arab area, to provide integrated services in IT solutions, web and e-marketing solutions, accounting solutions and financial consulting, and business development with high efficiency.

Pioneering to access with our customers to the international trade sector by developing e-commerce solutions.

Our Mission:

Effectiveness and pioneering in providing services in IT solutions, web and e-marketing solutions, and accounting and financial consulting solutions; By providing our successful experiences and effective and appropriate tools for small and medium companies, and personal business owners in Turkey and the Arab area; And that is by being a work partner to them and an effective, honest and productive tool in a practical way to provide integrated services that achieve their business objectives with quality standards and distinguished and reliable service.

In addition to providing services, products, and tools for B2B international trade, industry, and industrial services activities.

Our Goals:

  • Providing services and products in IT solutions, and web and e-marketing solutions to small and medium companies, and personal business owners; integrated and accessible solutions that keep pace with technology developments and are compatible with quality standards; In order to achieve growth by as our customers, to be as a part of their resources to achieve leadership in their business.
  • Providing ERP and accounting systems; that are appropriate to the needs, resource, and budget of small and medium enterprises.
  • Providing accountancy and financial consulting services and solutions.

Our Values:

Honesty – Creativity – Quality – Commitment.

Our products and services:

  • WEB & Digital Marketing Solutions.
  • IT and software solutions.
  • Al Mohtaseb Accounting Program.
  • Accounting and financial consulting.