Almohtaseb Accounting Program

Whatever the sector or size of your business, Al-Mohtaseb Accounting Program provides you easily and flexibility in data entries, controlling and managing accounts and inventory. Is constructed with experienced accountants who have experience working in multi business sectors. We are an official agent of Al-Mohtaseb Accounting Program in Turkey.


Almohtaseb program for accounting and warehousing provides you with security, savings, control and speed in accounting and financial management of businesses, whatever their size, and even individual businesses. A program that was created with a team of accountants with experience in several industrial and commercial sectors to suit the needs of various businesses within the assets and accounting rules followed in the region using database systems that provide accuracy and speed in storage, issuance of reports and results, in addition to supporting the multiplicity of branches and connectivity on internal networks and commitment to providing technical support that meets All requirements and needs of customers quickly and proficiently. The general version of “Accounting and Warehouses” of the Muhtasib program fulfills the needs of various sectors and business volumes, as it includes all the accounting and warehousing operations necessary to work from the account tree, diaries of financial entries, simplified fund entries, payment and receipts, financial bonds, remittances, checks, materials and inventory management, multiple warehouses and accounting billing systems Warehouse, orders, input and output cards, receiving and delivery with multi-currency options in accounts, diaries, entries, invoices, and inventory valuation, in addition to various accounting and inventory statements and reports, various charts and statistics, multiple inventory options, trading cash flow reports, profit and loss and balance sheet, in addition to material barcode systems and report design options. and statements as needed. All program statements and reports are designed to be presented in a simple and easy way to be able to be read and understood even by non-accounting persons or without an accounting background. Please discuss your needs with us or request the program by clicking - a button that goes to the form at the bottom of the page

point of sale accounting

In addition to the features of the general version of “Accounting and Warehouses” of the Al-Muhtasib program, a special system has been added for direct cash sales centers such as supermarkets, clothing halls, and retail stores. Using it smoothly, the POS system is characterized by a high degree of security, accuracy and diversity of reports that cover all operations within the POS system.

Manufacturing accounting and cost centers

In addition to the features of the general version of “Accounting and Warehouses” of the Al-Muhtasib program, the manufacturing system has been developed for owners of industrial companies and workshops who have a manufacturing system in their work and suffer from calculating the cost of manufactured materials, so the manufacturing system in the Al-Muhtasib program takes into account the calculation of the cost of manufactured materials based on the cost of materials included in the Manufacturing, taking into account the additional costs of the manufacturing process, such as manufacturing wages and the value of waste that results from the manufacturing process.

Accounting for delegates

In addition to the features of the general version of “Accounting and Warehouses” of the Muhtasib program, a special system has been developed for establishments and companies that rely on distributing their materials to delegates distributed over regions and neighborhoods in a sound, pre-planned organizational manner to cover the largest possible area of the market. The Muhtasib program works to meet the requirements of companies in terms of defining the delegates, controlling the inventory of the materials delivered to them, and obtaining accounting results for each delegate.

Accounting for restaurants and fast food

In addition to the features of the general version of “Accounting and Warehouses” of the Al Muhtasib program, a system for restaurants has been developed that is completely linked to the basic program of accounting and warehouses and its characteristics. And linking to orders invoices for the kitchen and inventory. In addition to the options for customizing fast food or managing the restaurant lounge by reserving, merging and moving restaurant tables. In addition to reports for restaurants and fast food in terms of controlling the box, the number of meals, reviewing invoices, sold quantities and their impact on the raw materials in stock.

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