Website NEW MODE ORTA DOGU to display products and company information

A secure, device-compatible, search-engine-friendly, social-media-integrated site.


Update and redevelopment of a website for the brand NEW MODE ORTA DOGU MEDICAL


A well-established company working in the manufacture of medical braces, splints, orthopedic devices and hospital supplies, holding several quality certificates. The client requested to transfer the site and its work to us from another service provider.
The site is in its previous state completely devoid of content (profile - product details - contact information) and the images are inappropriate for the site's objectives except for product images, not equipped in Arabic and Turkish, not optimized for search engines, products are not properly categorized and there is a shortage of products according to the products it produces The factory, the site is not configured to work on mobile devices, and it is not integrated with digital marketing tools and social networks.


To re-develop the website, the site analysis was started, the needs identified, and the processes necessary to develop the website began, by preparing the content from the company profile, writing product descriptions and details, adding them to the content management, and correcting and modifying the site at the front-end and back-end levels through some operations Special development on the content management system to suit the needs of the client, correcting product classifications, adding products not listed on the site, designing appropriate images for the site that are appropriate for the client’s goals and visual identity, creating the site and improving the site for search engines, improving billing and header, and improving compatibility with mobile devices, Preparing integration with social media, adding Arabic and Turkish languages ​​to the site, training the client on managing content and products, and preparing the site with an SSL certificate for the security of the site and users.


PHP , JS , Wordpress , My sql ,


A secure, device-compatible, search-engine-friendly, social-media-integrated site.